A little bit about me


As the daughter of an art professor, I was raised around oil paint, turpentine, figure drawings and art history.  To me, being creative comes as naturally and as necessary as breathing.   I have a formal education in Communications, Fine Art and Interior Design from Michigan State University and Kendall College of Art and Design. I 'm informally educated in life through travel and an endless curiosity.   Because of this, inspiration for my pieces is limitless. I love the randomness of colors and shapes found in nature, beautiful architecture and well designed furniture.  Clean lines, mixed materials, form and texture are elements that excite me. I find enjoyment problem solving my pieces and watching them evolve.   I generally  use a mix of materials including wood, metals, found items or collected pieces.  I hope you find inspiration in the gallery .  I welcome custom requests and would be happy to discuss sales or commissions.